Juvederm is known as a dermal filler, made from hyaluronic acid which is a natural part of the human body. Hyaluronic acid helps give the skin volume, but its natural levels start to decline over time. As the hyaluronic acid levels go down, the face will often start to show folds and wrinkles. Juvederm can be precisely injected to restore that lost hyaluronic acid, bringing the skin back to its previous appearance. In addition to restoring appearance, Juvederm also appears to prompt the body to produce new collagen and elastin which can help restore skin appearance and overall elasticity as well. Application of this treatment can be used in several different areas of the face, one of the most common being the lips for a plumper appearance and the nasolabial folds. Which are the folds in the area between the nose and the outer lips, usually filled in to give the face a much more youthful appearance.


Juvederm Q & A...

When will results show?

Results will be evident immediately. With patients being able to achieve their desired correction with anywhere from one to three syringes.

How long does the treatment last?

Juvederm treatment only takes around 15 minutes per session. The doctor will begin by numbing the treatment area with a topical anesthetic and is then administered via an ultra-fine needle.

What does the recovery process look like?

There may be some minor swelling, bruising, or redness for up to a week around the injection site, but these side effects are minor and typically resolve rapidly with corrections usually lasting up to one year.

*Patients seeking a longer-term correction should ask about alternative fillers offered at Wellington Anti-Aging Centre. *