Personalized Weight Loss


 The weight loss program provided by Dr. Adler is designed to be an answer to fad diets and ineffective weight loss methods. People who are looking for a proven solution to weight loss, one that is supervised closely by a physician, are excellent candidates for the weight loss program at Wellington Anti-Aging Centre.

Our weight loss program is effective for many different reasons, the main one being the professional expert medical guidance. Regular check-ins with the doctor allow patients to identify problems early and help keep them on a successful weight loss track. Another major reason that patients are successful with the weight loss program is that it uses a proven method of weight loss. When patients follow a very low-calorie diet and have at least moderate levels of physical activity, the body has no choice but to start burning away the extra pounds and inches.


Weight Loss Program Includes

● Patient Evaluation

     ○ being weighed and measured to best evaluate which type of eating plan and supplements will be most effective

● Low-Calorie Diet

     ○ This diet will allow for very rapid weight loss in a natural way

● Supplements

     ○ help burn away fat in problem areas like the tummy, buttocks, love handles, and thighs


     ○ The program may be used in conjunction with HCG weight loss or approved medication as needed