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Stretch marks may be undesirable for some Palm Beach, Wellington, Royal Palm and West Palm, Florida residents, but there is a solution. Dr. David Adler, an OB-GYN and anti-aging specialist, offers highly effective stretch mark removal via laser treatment.

Stretch Mark Removal Q & A

Who Develops Stretch Marks?

Anyone can develop stretch marks. They are most common in adults and in puberty age teens. Stretch marks occur when the skin is forced to stretch beyond its limit. The most common reason for the development of stretch marks is major weight gain. Pregnant women often develop stretch marks, especially in the abdominal area where the baby causes unusual skin stretching.

How Does Stretch Mark Removal Work?

Laser stretch mark removal is the most effective way to reduce or eliminate stretch marks. A highly focused laser targets each stretch mark, sending that laser light into the skin. The blood vessels just under the skin, which are the cause of the unattractive purple, red or pink marks on the skin, will absorb the laser light. This powerful light triggers a collapse of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels collapse, the blood is removed from that area and sent to other parts of the body. With the blood vessels gone, the discoloration of the stretch marks will also be eliminated. The stretch marks will typically then fade to a very pale color to blend in with the skin around them. The indentations left behind will gradually be filled in, as the laser triggers new collagen production in the skin, as well.

Does Stretch Mark Removal Require Recovery Time?

No, stretch mark removal via laser has no required recovery time. The procedure is non-surgical and is minimally invasive, so patients can return to their regular lifestyle right away. At most, some people may experience a small amount of redness in the treatment area, but this usually resolves within a very short time.

How Many Stretch Mark Removal Treatment Sessions Are Required?

It depends on the patient and on the size of the treatment area. Most people do require several treatment sessions, but a dramatic improvement may be noticed after only the first session.

Where can I view Stretch Mark Removal Before and After Photos?

You can view all of our before and after photos under the Laser Treatments Before & After section of our website. 

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