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Weight loss can be challenging, but having the help of an experienced physician makes it much easier. Dr. David Adler is an anti-aging specialist and OB-GYN serving the Palm Beach and Wellington areas of Florida.

Weight Loss Q & A

What Is the Palm Beach Weight Loss Program?

The weight loss program provided by Dr. Adler is designed to be an answer to fad diets and ineffective weight loss methods. People who are looking for a proven solution to weight loss, one that is supervised closely by a physician, are excellent candidates for the weight loss program at Wellington Anti-Aging Centre. The program involves calorie control and small doses of supplements.

How Does the Weight Loss Program Work?

The weight loss program begins with a patient evaluation. The patient will be weighed and measured first. These figures will help the doctor determine exactly what type of eating plan and supplements will be most helpful. The patient will then start on a very low-calorie diet. This diet will allow for very rapid weight loss in a natural way. The supplements are especially effective at helping burn away fat in problem areas like the tummy, buttocks, love handles and thighs. The weight loss program may be used in conjunction with HCG weight loss or approved medication as needed. After the patient has arrived at their desired weight, the doctor will help guide them toward a healthy lifestyle that will allow them to maintain the weight loss for the long-term.

Why Does the Weight Loss Program Work So Well?

The weight loss program is so effective for many different reasons. One of the main reasons that patients enjoy such success with this program is that they finally have the professional expert medical guidance they need. Regular check-ins with the doctor allow patients to identify problems early and help keep them on a successful weight loss track. Another major reason that patients are successful with the weight loss program is that the program uses a proven method of weight loss. When patients follow a very low-calorie diet and have at least moderate levels of physical activity, the body has no choice but to start burning away the extra pounds and inches.

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